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Software Quality Assurance

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This company is a leading provider of enterprise cloud management tools. It helps companies reduce costs, improve visibility and simplify their IT operations. The products leverage cutting-edge technologies such as serverless architectures, containerization, Kubernetes deployments et al to meet the modern needs for scalability and agility.They cater to both large enterprises that look for improved operational efficiency in mission-critical applications; along with small organizations starting off on their journey towards digital transformation initiatives. Benefiting from years of experience with multi-cloud environments this company offers balanced approaches & solutions helping create reliable business ecosystems within shortest possible turnaround times while instilling trustworthiness among stakeholders alike.

Role Introduction

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of one-year experience in software quality assurance and analysis, as well as excellent written communication skills. This position is open to remote candidates worldwide.

  • Medical Insurance
  • Onsite
  • Developing and implementing effective strategies for software quality assurance.
  • Identifying areas where improvement is needed, developing plans of action and communicating these to relevant stakeholders
  • Testing all aspects of a product’s performance prior to deployment across multiple environments including mobile devices, web browsers, servers etc.
  • Monitoring and analysing system trends in order to rapidly identify any technical concerns or issues with the software being developed.
  • Working closely with development teams to ensure successful completion of products from design through delivery and beyond by maintaining rigorous standards throughout production cycles.
  • Detailed understanding of software engineering concepts, testing methodologies and development life cycle processes.
  • Experience in automated and manual software quality assurance techniques.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks in a high pressure environment with tight deadlines.
  • Experience using version control systems (GitLab) for source code management with frequent distributed releases
  • Defect reporting system experience including accessibility guidelines & usability tests
  • Identify and define areas for improvement within the product range from initial design stages through to delivery
  • Possess strong problem solving skills coupled with excellent written & verbal communication.
Skills: Testing methodoligies, Usability Test
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Software Quality Assurance

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