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Unity Game Developer

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A creative software house that specializes in delivering innovative and engaging digital experiences. Their team of experts combines the power of design, technology, media, analytics, and user insights to create interactive products that help our clients reach their goals.

Role Introduction

Our client is seeking an experienced Unity Game Developer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for creating exciting and innovative games using the Unity engine. You will work with a team of other developers to bring original ideas and concepts to life through custom builds and implementations within Unity, while focusing on technical excellence in game development principles such as efficient scripting design, performance optimization, and build deployment control process implementation.

  • Flexible Timing
  • Knowledge of 3D graphic technology including lighting systems & keyframe animation;
  • Experience coding both client-side scripts (play mechanics) and server-side code.
  • Ability to debug complex errors with ease.
  • Mastery of networking solutions such as sockets & web services.
  • Fantastic collaboration skills while managing voice communications tools like Discord.
  • Experienced with C# programming language for use within the Unity environment
  • Strong understanding of core mathematics components like linear algebra/vector math & trigonometry
  • Extensive experience developing gameplay mechanics for projects
  • Exceptional debugging skills providing effective solutions quickly
  • Proficient working knowledge in asset store integrations
  • Excellent communication capabilities that enable collaboration
Nice To Have
  • Knowledgeable about current gaming trends
  • Experience configuring small servers around existing infrastructures.
  • Accurate estimation ability when it comes to project timelines.
  • Playtest participation involvement or user testing expertise.
  • Bachelors Degree in related field.
Skills: 3D graphic technology, C# programming language, debugging, sockets, store integrations
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Unity Game Developer

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