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Project-based HR Consulting Services

When you don’t have the time or expertise to accomplish every human capital initiative in-house, lean on us to help. We have worked with IT Industry, Manufacturing, Retail and more.

Let us take care of your organization HR needs.

Our HR Consulting Areas


Align HR strategy to the business strategy

Need an HR consulting firm to help deliver on your human capital goals and objectives? Our subject matter experts provide support in everything from strategy to execution.

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Equip you business leaders with the strategic tools and direction they need to make your organization successful. Talk to us to facilitate your Strategic sessions or plan your strategic offsite retreat.

HR Audits, Design, Structuring, Policies & Procedures

Is your business in compliance, do you have modern HR policies and practices, or the right organizational and departmental structure in place. Talk to us today for a customized solution. We have worked with Top Companies and helped them turn around.

Engagement & Culture

Is employee turnover causing you to question your company culture and engagement? Our surveys give you the insight you need.


Make Your HR Operations & HR Outsourcing Work For You

Let us setup your HR operations so that you can focus on your business. We can develop a system and train your internal team and take the burden off you and manage it in an outsourced fashion.

HR Technology

Are your HR information systems fully functioning? As part of our HR consulting interventions, we provide needs analysis, implementation, and optimization for HRIS and ATS technology to manage your HR operations and recruitment.

Compensation Design

We help organization design pay scales and salary structures.We can additionally help you automate the compensation process in compliance to the local laws.

Payroll & Benefits Management

With years of expertise in managing payrolls, we can take off your headache of running the payroll at required schedules and managing benefits, claims, insurance and medical. We can also advise you on best service provider while saving you money. Let us manage the state compliance for you.


Improve Employee Performance and Productivity

Bring positive change to your organization through implementation of a carefully crafted performance and development system. You can also opt in for our recruitment services to bring in top talent from outside that help you leverage from their expertise.

Performance Management

Does your performance management process need work? Let us create performance metrics, identify the gaps and help you run the evaluation process.

Employee Relations

Do you have a sensitive employee relations issue? Talk to us to guide you through the best possible solution being an unbiased third-party.

Training & Development

Do you have people who need to be in client facing role but need the required communication skills. Need to uplift morale of your team as a group. We provide Online, Instructor-led training and offsite  programs tailored for your industry.


We can work on multiple HR initiatives, create a phased approach, or simply focus on one initiative, we are here for you in any case.

Team Approach

You will have a dedicated team member with specific subject-matter expertise collaborating on your deliverables along with project oversight.

Quality Service

Exceeding your expectations, serving as a valuable partner for HR consulting services and helping you succeed with your initiatives is our ultimate goal.

Vast Resources

When you partner with TalentHue HR, we leverage a wide variety of tools and resources to produce high-impact results.

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A Partnership of Impact

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